WordPress CMS vs PHP Framework: Which is Better for My New Website?

Updated: May 2, 2024

Before starting your new website, it is important to understand your needs. Once you are sure what sort of function you require, it is a lot easier to decide whether WordPress CMS or PHP Framework works best for you.

First of all, let’s see what WordPress CMS and PHP Frameworks are.

Defining CMS and PHP Framework:

What is CMS?

CMS (Content Management System) is a software application that helps you to create and modify a website where technical knowledge is barely required. It enables you to design and extend your site through ‘plugins’ (adding new functions to the website) and ‘themes’ (adding design and interaction to the website).

Some good examples of CMS are WordPress, Joomla, Squarespace, etc. Among them, WordPress is the most popular and simple. It is an open-source CMS constructed from PHP and MySQL. In fact, over 43.3% of all the websites on the internet are powered by WordPress.

Therefore, WordPress CMS is a reliable and trusted program with many engaging users and it is quite simple to start your new website with WordPress. 

#We are talking about WordPress.org. WordPress.com is completely different from WordPress.org.

What is PHP Framework?

PHP is a programming language that helps you create online websites, and applications. A Framework is a set of codes used to create web applications and websites where there are clear ground rules which you need to follow. It comes with commonly used code which makes it relatively easier to develop your website.

PHP Framework is the platform where you create PHP web applications and you need to have knowledge of coding. It provides the code libraries for commonly used functions so that you can save some time when writing the code. Some of the powerful PHP Frameworks are Laravel, Codelgniter, Phalcon, and Symfony.

Therefore, PHP Framework is highly used in website development.


Points to Consider while Differentiating WordPress CMS and PHP Framework

1. Requirements 

The things you need in your website also define what you should choose between WordPress CMS and PHP Framework.

If your project only requires a small website that does need much complexity, then WordPress is better. However, if the project is more complex and has requirements that a CMS can’t handle then, PHP is a better choice. 

2. Security

The security of our data on the website is our primary consideration. Every online website is vital to have security to shield the information before landing it in the wrong hands.

WordPress CMS is dependable as security can be built into the platform itself. Similarly, PHP Framework is also secure because it uses built-in functions for encryption but uses a lower level of architecture compared to WordPress.

3. Flexibility

Flexibility is an important factor for the website. You need to perform many independent operations and the website may require several advanced functionalities.

WordPress CMS usually has a lot of choices but is already pre-made and limited, thus giving less flexibility. Meanwhile, PHP Framework gives wider scope for specific requirements, thus giving it more flexibility.

4. Target time

Target time is the time period granted to complete a specific project. So, the target time is also a factor to differentiate between them.

A WordPress CMS comes with the mandatory basic features to build a website which results in the development in a shorter time frame compared to PHP frameworks which may take a longer time to develop a website.

5. Upgrades

To be up-to-date is essential for your website to allure people. So, being updated with the latest information, functions, and features will increase the website’s security.

WordPress CMS will constantly update to add well-defined features, increase security, and fix bugs. In contrast, PHP Framework is not updated frequently as it is written in the programming language and developers will decide to upgrade.

6. User experience

User experience is one of the main factors. The user-friendliness of your chosen platform plays a significant role in the final product.

WordPress CMS is intuitive to anyone including technical and non-technical people to develop a website but for PHP Framework you need to know the programming language and it doesn’t have a standard user interface. Thus, WordPress is more user-friendly.

7. Cost 

If you’re willing to advance your business to the fullest you are required to invest before it generates any profit.

WordPress is an open-source content management system so it’s free for all to use. There are lots of free Themes and plugins to create a professional website without the help of developers. Meanwhile, PHP framework is an open-source set of codes for the PHP programming language that is accessible to those who are adept in PHP Language. For the people who are not, they will have to hire PHP developers for website development.

8. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a process to optimize a website’s traffic from organic search results.

WordPress has many built-in features and plugins which help in SEO, and consequently gain top ranking on Search Engines. In contrast, PHP has strong features to stimulate the construction of complex websites but making the website SEO-friendly totally depends on the developer’s knowledge and familiarity with SEO guidelines.

We have now come to an end of our understanding of the differences between the WordPress CMS and PHP Framework. In sum, WordPress is preferred if you want to start your website quickly and easily, and PHP Framework is more favored if you have coding knowledge. You can pick the one which works best for your context. 

If you need any help regarding your WordPress website if you are using our themes, feel free to contact our support team. We provide free support to anybody using Blaze Themes. 🙂

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