Best Web Hosting Provider for WordPress News Sites

Updated: June 9, 2024

Looking to build your own news website with WordPress hosting?

However, before purchasing any plan from the web host, it is important to understand the features they are giving for the price you’re paying.

Some of the basic features you need to look for are as follows:

  1. Websites 

It is the number of websites you can create under the paid plan of the service. Here, different hosting providers have different amounts of websites that you can create.

  1. SSD storage

Solid State Drives(SDD) storage devices are best known for their speed. Hence, while selecting a plan you have to be cautious of its SSD storage also.

  1. Duration of hosting 

It is a time period for how many months did we buy the service. 

  1. Free domain name 

A domain name is a unique name given to the website. This is required to identify our website. So, some providers give a free domain name for a specific time and a hosting plan should match the time of the domain name.

  1. SSL 

Secure Sockets Layer(SSL) is important for the encryption and security of the website. Therefore, we have to look at who offers the SSL feature. 

  1. Backup 

Backup refers to preserving the data and files to a separate location so the user can access them in case of data loss.

  1. Uptime 

Uptime is regarded as the time your website is up and available to visit. It shows the reliability of the website. Therefore, we need to look for a high-uptime provider.

  1. Server response time

It is for how long it takes for a web browser to get a response from the server when your website is stored. We need this to be as minimal as possible.

  1. Page speed

It is the time to load when someone opens your website. We need this to be as low as possible.

  1. Bandwidth 

It is the amount of data that can go through the hosting account in how fast your website can deliver the information in high traffic time. 

So, these were some of the basic features you need to look forward to when making your decision to select the Web Hosting Provider for WordPress news sites.
Here are some of the highly-ranked and well-regarded List of WordPress Hosting in today’s time:


Bluehost is one of the few recommended by WordPress itself. They are also one of the oldest and largest brand names for web hosting with over 2m users. 

They offer a free domain, free SSL, free CDN, 24/7 support, great uptime and money-back guarantee. If you’re looking for an affordable price it might be a good option.


Hostinger is one of the popular web hosting providers for WordPress. This is best for small to medium-sized website

Their top features are Free domain, free SSL, and 1-click WordPress installation. The website uptime is 99.9%. It is much cheaper than other web hosts.


SiteGround is also one the recommended by WordPress. They are simple and easy to set up.

This company offers 24/7 support, free email, free SSL, free CDN and backups.  They have affordable pricing but not cheapest. However, they are extremely reliable and their uptime is 99.99 %.


WPEngine is fast and reliable. Nevertheless, they are one of the highly priced web hosting providers.

They provide cloud-based platform flexibility, free SSL, 24/7 support etc. It is recommended if you need high uptime and faster loading time.


DreamHost is one of the best hosting services. It is yet another one recommended by WordPress.

They offer  free domain, free SSL, 1-click wp, fast SSD storage etc. Overall, it provides good service for web hosting.


HostGator is a popular web host for WordPress. It is mostly used for small to medium sized websites.

The HostGator provides free domain, free SSL, 1-click wp and unmetered bandwidth.

Furthermore, they can guarantee 99.9% server uptime. They are also affordable in price.

A2 hosting

A2 hosting is the fastest hosting provider with their quick and easy setup.

They provide different services: 24/7 support, money-back refund, etc. However, it has poor uptime.


IONOS is known for their longevity, It is a reliable hosting provider.

 They offer: faster SSD and caching, daily backups, uptime of 99.8% and lots of handy features. They are also very reasonable in pricing.

InMotion Web Hosting

InMotion web hosting is best known for their lengthy money-back guarantee. 

Some of their features: 24/7 customer support, free SSL, 99.9% uptime etc.  InMotion web hosting provider for WordPress is cost effective and fast.


Kinsta works best in hosting all sizes of projects.

They provide free SSL, free CDN, daily automated backup etc. Although they are more expensive web hosts, they carry great performance to grow the WordPress websites.

In conclusion, the best web host provider for WordPress is determined according to your needs.  If you’re looking for a more affordable web host, Hostinger might be the best option for you. Similarly, InMotion Web Hosting is best for lengthy money-back. However, if you’re willing to have well-managed unexpected surges in traffic then Kinsta will be the best web host for you. So, the Top Web Hosting in WordPress is decided by your own requirements.

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