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Updated: June 18, 2023

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin are crucial when promoting your content to a broader audience. Sharing posts on those platforms is the fastest and easiest way to connect with people, especially for new website owners. That’s where the WordPress plugins come in handy. Instead of spending time sharing posts manually, you can share them automatically to different social media sites instantly.

Your time and social media presence is valuable. That’s why we have compiled this article to help you find the best WordPress plugin to automate sharing your posts on social media platforms. Our top picks for WordPress social auto-post plugins offer the necessary features and customizations tools to help you with social media marketing.

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Advantages of Social Auto Post Plugins

1. Increase the engagement of the audience

The social auto-post plugin helps you increase the audience from various social media. It ensures your content is in the proper format for each social media platform. Similarly, it shares new blog posts, revives old posts, and attracts new readers leading to increased engagement.

2. Easy to access

It is easy to manage and access your social media account because they are all in one place. Many social auto-post plugins provide a centralized dashboard, analytics, scheduling options, and more. Likewise, they make it easier for visitors to connect with you on a deep level.

3. Expand loyal followers

When you combine your services with social networks, it makes your website appear more secure to people. The WordPress plugin for social auto posts helps you target the right audience, build a larger community, and expand loyal followers.

4. Increase the visibility of the post

Social auto-post plugins increase the visibility of your posts in several ways. Since it posts your content to multiple platforms and uses relevant hashtags for the content, it improves the reach of your posts.

5. Less time consuming

Social auto post plugin saves you time by automating the posing process. It eliminates the time and effort spent when doing it manually. Therefore, you can put the time and effort into producing quality content for an audience.

Best Free WordPress Social Auto Post Plugins

1. NextScripts 

NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster WordPress plugin is the product of NextScripts company. The plugin has received 60,000+ active installs. With this plugin, you can comfortably share your posts on social media. Its customization options let you schedule your social media post and custom hashtags. Therefore, NextScripts allows you to save time and develop a social media strategy.

Major Features:

  • Compatible with Guttenberg Blocks
  • Supported networks are Diigo, Flickr, Instapaper, Linkedin, etc.
  • Auto-import replies and mentions from Twitter as WordPress comments
  • Custom URLs for AutoPosts
  • White-labeled posts

2. Blog2Social

Blog2Social: Social Media Auto Post & Scheduler WordPress plugin is developed by Blog2Social, Adenion. The plugin has received 70,000+ active installs. It is a popular free social auto-post plugin which allows you to easily share your website’s content on different social media platforms. You can share your content on 13 individual networks, cross-posting, and cross-promotion with customized social media posts.

Major Features:

  • Cross-promotes your website automatically
  • Compatible with WooCommerce, Gutenberg Editor, Bitly, etc.
  • The complete HTML markup for republishing your post.
  • Automatically generates hashtags from the tags of posts
  • Centralized dashboard

3. WP2Social Auto Publish

WP2Social Auto Publish WordPress plugin is the product of The plugin has more than 10,000+ active installs. It offers filtering posts based on custom post types and categories. This free plugin will publish posts like simple text messages and text messages with images automatically from your blog to Facebook.

Major Features:

  • Automatically publishes posts to Facebook
  • Enable or disable WordPress page publishing
  • Filters based on custom post types
  • Filters posts based on categories
  • Shares a message to Facebook with an image

4. Sassy Social Share

Social Sharing Plugin- Sassy Social Share was developed to share content over social media by Team Heateor. Until now, it has gained more than 100,000 active installations. This plugin is lightweight, offers customizations of social sharing buttons, and is responsive. 

Major Features:

  • Compatible with WPML and multilingual website
  • EU-GDPR compliant
  • Mobile responsive
  • AMP-ready
  • 24/7 quickest support

5. Revive Old Posts

Revive Old Posts- Social Media Auto Post and Scheduling Plugin is developed by It has received over 30,000 active installations. It is a free WordPress plugin that automates sharing old blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. This process ensures that your contents are visible to the audience.

Major Features:

  • Updates your post’s publish date after being shared to all connected social media accounts
  • Share posts from any RSS feed to social media
  • Implement curation capabilities
  • Automatically includes UTM tags to posts
  • Schedule your post

6. Feed Them Social

Feed Them Social is developed by SlickRemix. It has received over 40,000 active installations. It allows you to customize the colors and fonts and integrates with several social media. With the Feed Them Social plugin, you can increase the volume of traffic and user social engagement.

Major Features:

  • Easy to install and set up
  • Customizable font colors
  • Compatible with Gutenberg Blocks or Classic Editor
  • Responsive design
  • Share buttons for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and feeds.

7. FS Poster Lite

FS Poster Lite was developed to give the best social media experience by FS Code. Until now, it has been able to gain 1000+ active installations. FS Poster Lite is a free social auto-post plugin that helps to share your content on multiple social media automatically. It is a powerful tool due to its scheduling options, multi-platform posting, and customizable capabilities.

Major Features:

  • Automatically publishes your WordPress post to multiple social platforms
  • RTL typography
  • Insights into the individual post statistics
  • Scheduling posts
  • Easy configuration


WordPress Social Auto Post plugins automate your social media marketing. In this article, we discussed that plugins like Revive Old Post, Sassy Social Share, FS Poster Lite, and others offer a range of features and customization options to fit your needs. Therefore, choose the one that meets your social media strategy.

Take your time to explore the plugins. Let’s make sure your post reaches the right audience at the right time while increasing engagement. Use the mentioned plugins you think are the best of your interest.

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