Sandesh Maharjan- March 23rd , 2023

Digital Newspaper is the theme you need to consider to build a top news website in WordPress because of its awesome features and professional design.

Nirdeshika Maharjan- March 22nd , 2023

Are you willing to build a sophisticated news website with an Elementor WordPress Theme? You have come to the right place.  The Elementor is a high-powered page builder that works perfectly with any WordPress Theme. However, there are WordPress News Themes specially developed to work with the Elementor Page Builder. Using Elementor, you can create […]

Nirdeshika Maharjan- March 15th , 2023

Elementor is the best page builder plugin. It is a visual editor where a creator can easily drag and drop elements onto a canvas instead of coding the different parts of a web page. The Elementor editor intends to make working with WordPress more user-friendly and accessible. It is capable of building stunning as well […]

Nirdeshika Maharjan- March 12th , 2023

WordPress customizer-based themes are the easiest way to customize your news website. The options for modifying your website depend on the theme you use, and customizer-based themes give you complete freedom to make the changes. They are designed and built for flexibility and to provide easy-to-use customization tools for any news website. You can edit […]

Nirdeshika Maharjan- March 7th , 2023

You can visibly see how internet technology is affecting our daily lives. Nowadays, People have developed the habit of accessing the internet quickly for finding out recent news, trends, and updates. Hence, the best way to relay news to maximum number of people is by creating a news portal. The easiest, quickest, and best way […]


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