Nirdeshika Maharjan- May 8th , 2023

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin are crucial when promoting your content to a broader audience. Sharing posts on those platforms is the fastest and easiest way to connect with people, especially for new website owners. That’s where the WordPress plugins come in handy. Instead of spending time sharing posts manually, you can share […]

Nirdeshika Maharjan- April 30th , 2023

WordPress is a highly targeted content management system for online attacks and vulnerabilities due to its widespread popularity. However, by utilizing the powerful function of Wordfence, you can effectively secure your WordPress website. Wordfence provides a wide variety of capabilities to safeguard your site from various security risks. It has you covered with firewall protection, […]

Nirdeshika Maharjan- April 26th , 2023

We understand that a multi-lingual website reaches a vast audience and enhances search engine rankings. With more and more entry websites, it is necessary to stay competitive. So, a website available in more than one language is always beneficial.  Therefore, translate your WordPress website using the “Loco Translate” plugin. The simple interface and reliable features […]

Nirdeshika Maharjan- January 12th , 2023

WordPress has many useful plugins to help you make content on your site faster, and more efficiently and also, manage your website by valuing the time and needs of your news website and the readers In this article, we will introduce you to the 6 must-have plugins for your WordPress news website. Before jumping straight […]


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