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Sandesh Maharjan- October 11th , 2023

A magazine website has a distinguished style, layout, and a lot of content, so it needs a bespoke theme to bring out the best results. But when you’ve just started your way around with an online magazine site in WordPress, you might want to save money as much as possible. No problem, you can get […]

Sandesh Maharjan- August 17th , 2023

Looking to create a top-notch news website? We’re offering a special 15% discount on Newspaper Theme. Newspaper Theme helps you to realize your dream of creating a professional news website without any coding. So, take advantage of the discount, and choose the best Newspaper Theme. Newsmatic Theme Newspaper theme that provides a complete solution for […]

BlazeThemes- April 26th , 2023

We understand that a multi-lingual website reaches a vast audience and enhances search engine rankings. With more and more entry websites, it is necessary to stay competitive. So, a website available in more than one language is always beneficial.  Therefore, translate your WordPress website using the “Loco Translate” plugin. The simple interface and reliable features […]

BlazeThemes- April 19th , 2023

It may sound silly but sometimes picking the right WordPress theme is a lot more important than one might realize in order to build a successful WordPress website. We’re assuming you’ve already got your WordPress hosting setup, if not, check out NameHero for one of the fastest options around for WordPress Hosting.  A lot of […]

BlazeThemes- March 27th , 2023

Great! You are thinking about starting your news website in WordPress. According to W3Techs, around 43.1% of all websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. Therefore, you have chosen the right CMS platform to build your website. With WordPress, you can create a website regardless of your technical expertise and minimal budget. Let us […]

BlazeThemes- March 22nd , 2023

Are you willing to build a sophisticated news website with an Elementor WordPress Theme? You have come to the right place.

BlazeThemes- March 15th , 2023

Elementor is the best page builder plugin. It is a visual editor where a creator can easily drag and drop elements onto a canvas instead of coding the different parts of a web page. The Elementor editor intends to make working with WordPress more user-friendly and accessible. It is capable of building stunning as well […]

BlazeThemes- March 12th , 2023

WordPress customizer-based themes are the easiest way to customize your news website. The options for modifying your website . . .

BlazeThemes- February 2nd , 2023

Looking to build your own website with WordPress hosting? However, before purchasing any plan from the web host, it is important to understand the features they are giving for the price you’re paying. Some of the basic features you need to look for are as follows: It is the number of websites you can create […]

BlazeThemes- January 12th , 2023

WordPress has many useful plugins to help you make content on your site faster, more efficiently and also, manage your website by valuing the time and needs of your news readers. In this article, we will introduce you to the 7 must-have plugins for your WordPress news website. Before jumping straight into the list let’s […]

BlazeThemes- January 5th , 2023

Websites having content in more than one language is a huge advantage for the creator. You can translate your news site, or blog with the help of many plugins available in WordPress and it is one of many ways which help you to reach a wider range of audience.  Some examples of WordPress plugins for […]

BlazeThemes- January 2nd , 2023

Are you willing to start a personal blog on WordPress and looking for the proper way to begin? In this post, we have collected the required data to help you with your goal. We have listed out the vital procedures to go ahead and also with additional information to guide you throughout the process. Understanding […]


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